Stained Glass & Roses
Postcard Plein Air - Yacht Basin Club Mykonos
En Plein Air - Langebaan Lagoon
Postcard Plein Air - Pier Langebaan Yacht Club
Carnival Jug & Apples
'Alla Prima' Grapes and Yellow Jug
'Alla Prima' Grapes and Ancient Glass
Summer Brights-Pomegranate Slice
Brenda's Purple Poppies
June's Water Lilies
For Cheryl–Ma's Polka Dot Teacup
Study in White–Little Jug with Chrysanthemum
I consider myself essentially a representational artist and aspire to capture a subject, a moment in time, in a painterly, atmospheric way. To celebrate life by drawing out the essence of a plain and modest subject and transforming it into something charming and joyful. Enjoy exploring my website, which showcases my most recent work.

Brief About Me
As a child, I remember the thrill of drawing and painting but as I grew older, the real world intruded and my desire to become an artist remained a dream. I followed a career in the sciences and then, with my husband, raised three children. Finally the dream became reality. I feel privileged to have been patiently tutored and inspired by wonderful teachers and fellow artists, whose knowledge and expertise, always given so generously, continues to influence and uplift me. I have also been very fortunate to have the unconditional support and encouragement of family and friends. As a disciplined painter, used to long periods of solitude, I feel that I am experiencing a life long journey. The path I traverse can at times be difficult and heart breaking to negotiate, but thrilling and immensely satisfying as well.

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